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"My claim for PTSD was opened in 1996, and was originally denied. For many years I resubmitted my claim and was denied! Frustrated with the process, I turned to professional help. There is no doubt that without Jeany Mark, I would have never been granted my claim. I was awarded 70% service connected, permanent and total disability, and a handsome settlement. It changed my life dramatically. I am eternally grateful ... to Jeany Mark and for her personal care, support, and professionalism." - Tom Cicala, Pennsylvania

"After fighting with the VA for 30 years some odd years for spine damage & DDD, I was at my wits end. I found Lieberman and Mark on the internet. I contacted them and pretty much stopped worrying about it. They had my case settled in what I would consider record time, to the tune of $220,000.00. I’ve never dealt with a more professional firm, and everyone I talked to in their office was extremely knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I’m extremely happy with the hard work, diligence and outcome of my case and, you will be too. I highly recommend you let Lieberman and Mark handle your case. They get results! Thank you Lieberman and Mark, for all you’ve done for me and my family." - Billy W., Louisiana

“I respectfully write to express my gratitude for the way in which Kathy Lieberman managed my case before the VA. Previously, the case was handled by other representatives but they did not do enough. I heard about Kathy Lieberman through a friend, whose case she also won. Each time I hear about a veteran that has a case like mine, I recommend Kathy Lieberman to them. You cannot imagine how happy and grateful my whole family is because of my case being won."- F. Martinez,  Puerto Rico

“Thank you, Kathy Lieberman, for all of your actions towards obtaining the grant of my husband’s service-connected disability benefits. You were always available to assist me personally and through your secretary. Your professionalism and diligence was proven in this case. I will always be grateful to you for having helped us to do justice to my husband and resolve our economic problems.”- Awilda Landrau Rivera, Puerto Rico

"In June 2002, I filed my claim for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) but was denied. Attorney Jeany Mark took my case in 2009, and accomplished what I thought was hopeless. I never dreaded calling the office because the staff was always courteous, professional, and caring. They never seemed too busy to talk to me. Attorney Mark is an excellent lawyer. I was happy with the outcome of my case and satisfied with the decision of my award. I would recommend Attorney Jeany Mark to anyone who has a disability claim." - Betty Satterfield, Tennessee

"I had attempted to work solo with the VA and was not heard. It was suggested by the Sarasota VA that I needed to hire an attorney. Of the 23 attorneys that answered my offer, I chose Lieberman and Mark. The many months of development of my claim for cause of death benefits proved that with the professionalism by this good firm, my case was won with 100% return. To this multi-talented firm, thank you so very much.” - Gwen E. Calloway, Florida

“Lieberman & Mark stuck by me all this time and I am really grateful for all the help they’ve provided me. I was contacted by many other attorneys about my case but I’m extremely lucky to have picked the best ones. I am very satisfied with the work they have done.” Robert Bria, California

"I am a resident of Naranjito Puerto Ric0 and had been fighting to obtain benefits from the VA. I was only able to obtain them thanks to the representation given to me by Kathy Lieberman. I was granted 100% service connected disability rating for my PTSD. I have filed an additional claim and am still fighting the VA with her help." -Ricardo Pabon, Puerto Rico



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